2019 Cardiology & Neurology Symposium
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Doctors Track 1 Lectures

BL - Whats important now Cardiac emergen
Jarboe  BVNS SYMPOSIUM 2019.jpg
Cerebrovascular disease CVCA symposium -
Jennifer Sidley Lecture - CVCA Template
Jarboe  BVNS SYMPOSIUM 2019 1.jpg
CVCA - Tim Cain -DCMnutritionDCM10.20.19

Doctors Track 2 Lectures

Wound Management PP 10.19.19.jpg
Screenshot (4).png
Dentistry - Matt Raleigh - Dental Radiog
TOS - Pam White - Fundaments of RO PJW D
CVCA - Sarah Lehman Holdt - Pulmonary Hy
TOS - Kathleen Tidd - Lymphoma FAQs for

Technician Lectures

Vestibular disease for the technician -
Ganjei Urinary Surgery.jpg
CVCA - Brett Boorstin - PracticalApproac
Jenn's WTF Presentation 2019_Page_01.jpg
common anesthetic complications .jpg
TOS - Ira Gordon - TLC 2019 Whats new in

Practice Management Lectures

CVCA - Shannon and Mila Panel Lecture -
Marketing in a Digital World - SWALLS -
Expanding Your Career Options How to Sta
Talent and Aquisition - Jess May- BVNS
DK - Managing Your Online Reputation 10-
Symposium 2019 Time Management.jpg

Bonus Lecture - Hill's

Hill's Michael Robbins - Knowledge is ou